Pre-Surgical Testing

Your physician’s office will schedule an appointment for you with the Pre-Surgical Testing Department. This appointment may include a telephone call to obtain basic medical history prior to arriving in our department. During this call, the nursing staff will need to know basic information such as medications that you take (including dosage and frequency of use) and your medical history. You may want to have a pen or pencil available to write down instructions given to you by the nurse.

Some patients may also need to come into the Pre-Surgical Testing Department to have diagnostic testing done or to allow for a more in-depth assessment by the nursing staff. The Pre-Surgical Testing staff will make every effort to schedule this at a time that is most convenient for you. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please call 770-219-3845 as soon as possible.

Pre-Surgery Basics

Food and Medication
You may eat and drink normally prior to this appointment. Please bring a complete list of your medications, to include dosage and frequency of usage. If you have a Living Will or Medical Durable Power of Attorney, please bring a copy.

Bringing People With You
Due to limited space, we do ask that you do not bring more than 1 additional person with you, and no children unless they are the patient. You may choose to bring a light jacket for comfort.

Where to Park
Parking is available in the North Deck, directly across from the North Patient Tower. Enter through the rotunda, and turn to your left. The Pre-Surgical Testing Department is on the right, between Registration and the Bright Spot Café.

Safety Information

To help prevent adverse events, the staff will use two forms of patient identification. These may include your full name and birth date. Staff may ask you to verify this information several times during your stay.

Your surgical site may be marked in ink by your physician. If you refuse, or if your surgical site cannot be marked, an alternate method of verification may be used.

The staff and physicians use many measures to help prevent post-operative infection. Special care will be taken to clean your operative site prior to your surgery. You may be asked to cough and deep breathe frequently after surgery. Staff who enter your room should wash their hands or use antibacterial hand cleanser. Visitors should also be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

Items to bring for your pre-surgical testing visit

  • Results of current X-ray, EKG, or labs. The Anesthesia Staff will review them to determine if tests need to be repeated, or if additional testing is required
  • All paperwork from your doctor’s office. This may include physician’s orders, consent forms, and Medical or Surgical History forms (H&P).
  • A list of all medications you are currently taking including non-prescription and herbal medications
  • Insurance information including insurance card
  • Driver’s license or other photo identification o Social Security card
  • Eyeglasses if needed to read forms
  • Advance directives if available
  • Credit Card, Debit Card, personal check, or cash is accepted

Other Pre-Procedure Instructions

  • Call your doctor or surgeon if you think you may be getting sick. This includes symptoms such as vomiting, fever, rash, nausea or a cold. Your procedure may need to be postponed.
  • Please call if you are delayed or there is another reason you cannot come for your surgical procedure.

Please call the Perioperative unit at 770-219-6223
After 8 p.m. Please call the Hospital Switchboard at 770-219-9000