Insurance & Billing for Surgery

At your pre-surgical testing visit, a registrar will confirm your insurance information. Be sure to bring your insurance cards and your driver’s license or other photo identification with you to your pre-surgical testing visit.

To receive maximum benefits from your insurance, you should call your pre-certification agency to determine specific requirements of your plan. Your plan may require precertification, second opinions or specific lab tests or x-rays. If you are given a pre-certification number, please provide that number at the time you register for your procedure.

What is required of me regarding payment of my hospital bill?

You will be contacted by the Medical Center PASC department to obtain your demographic and financial information prior to your procedure. If after your insurance benefits are verified and it’s determined you have a financial liability, you will be asked to pay or make appropriate financial arrangements. If you do not have insurance coverage or the procedure is not covered by your insurance company, please contact the PASC department to discuss payment requirements.

You may contact the PASC Representative at (770) 219-7666 Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


As a courtesy to patients with insurance coverage, the Patient Accounts Office will bill your insurance company, provided the benefits are assigned to the Medical Center. It is important that all of your insurance information be provided in a timely manner. The Medical Center may not be able to accept and bill insurance presented after registration because of insurance pre-certification and other billing requirements. You may be requested to assist in arranging payment from your insurance company.

Physician fees

The services of your personal physician, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologists and other specialists are not included in your hospital bill. Because these individuals are independent contractors and not employees of the Medical Center, you will receive a separate statement from each of them.

Final bill

You will receive by mail a Summary Bill of the charges for your visit approximately 10 days after your discharge. Payment by cash, check or credit card for all charges not covered by insurance will be expected within 30 days of final billing.

If you have any questions, please call the Customer Inquiry Department at 770-219-7219 or 1-800-282-0535, extension 97219.