Price Estimates

We offer price estimates for most services and procedures to all patients, so you can plan ahead for your financial health along with your physical and mental health.

What is an estimate?

Estimates typically reflect a range of what costs can be predicted for the services you receive from the hospital, and they are based on information you can provide. The estimate quoted is for hospital charges only and is based off benefits provided by your insurance company for the surgery or procedure your physician has scheduled for you. You may receive additional bills for pathology, anesthesia, physician services and any other service needed that are not reflected in the estimate.

Estimates can be provided for several types of care such as surgical procedures, radiology and cardiology exams, and rehab care as well as other diagnostic imaging and invasive hospital procedures.

How do I request an estimate?

To request an estimate, contact our Patient Access Service Center at 770-219-7678 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can also use the MyChart Price Estimator to see of our most frequently priced services. The information contained in these estimates is intended for informational purposes and does not represent an obligation or agreement.

What do I need to request an estimate?

When requesting by phone:

To make sure your estimate is as accurate as possible, tell the doctor or provider who ordered your procedure that you need the following information to get a price estimate:

  • The technical name of the surgery, procedure or other service you’re receiving
  • Associated CPT codes and insurance codes
  • Any necessary tests or service you will need before or after
  • Insurance policy information including the payer/plan name, subscriber information, and policy number

When using the online estimator:

Please call the number on the back of your insurance card to obtain the following information before using the MyChart Price Estimator. It is important to note that if this information is not correct, your estimate will not be accurate.

  • Insurance policy information including the payer/plan name, subscriber information, and policy number
  • Remaining deductible amount
  • Remaining maximum out of pocket amount
  • Co-insurance amount
  • Co-pay (if applicable to the service)

Transparency Disclosure

Northeast Georgia Health System complies with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rules regarding price transparency by providing a machine-readable file that includes a list of standard charges.  It’s important to note that these charges do not reflect what insurance providers and patients are typically responsible for paying. We always recommend contacting our Patient Access Service Center to request an estimate for a specific surgery, procedure or service to better understand your financial responsibility.