Trauma Services at NGMC

North Georgia’s Verified Level I Trauma Center

Injury Prevention

Focused prevention efforts on falls, motor vehicle crashes and motorcycle crashes.


Advancing Trauma Care by training other trauma professionals and the community.

Research & News

Leading Research Studies to find more effective treatments for traumatic injuries.

Our Program

Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Gainesville is the only American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma verified trauma center in the northeast Georgia area and is YOUR regional trauma center. Here are some highlights and advancements of our program:

  • Our hospital is a state referral center for trauma patients needing mechanical circulatory or pulmonary support (ECMO/VADS)
  • Common rib fracture patients can get the care they need all in one place at our Chest-Wall Reconstruction Center.
  • Our hospital was the lead agency in a state-approved pilot program that allowed EMS teams to provide blood transfusions to patients who need them. Learn more about our pre-hospital blood transfusion program.
  • Our team offers whole blood resuscitation with non-invasive testing (TEG) capabilities and provides minimally invasive alternatives in emergency situations.

Trauma Services

According to the CDC, injuries are the leading cause of death for children and adults up to the age of 46. An organized trauma system and designated trauma centers are effective in reducing the rates of death and disability associated with injuries.

A verified trauma center is a hospital with all necessary resources, equipment, education and training to care for severely injured patients.

NGMC is a Level I trauma center- meaning that NGMC has the necessary personnel and equipment to handle all types of traumatic injuries – no matter how big or small – at any time. Our trauma center treats more than 3000 patients with traumatic injuries each year.

Our surgical faculty, together with closely supervised advanced practice providers and general surgery residents, provide 24/7 care to save the most critically injured patients.

Trauma Annual Reports

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