Diabetes Services

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The Diabetes Education Program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for quality self-management education. A comprehensive range of educational programs is offered to people with diabetes and their families by experienced, certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, and registered dietitians.

Explore our programs and classes through the links on the side. Please call 770-219-0887 or email our team for more information about any of these services.

What classes or support programs are offered?

Here are some of the programs and classes we offer:

Where do I got for group education sessions?

We offer individual and group education sessions at the following locations:

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What is covered by my insurance?

Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education and Medical Nutrition Therapy may be covered services on your insurance plan.  Please verify with your insurance carrier for coverage of these services. Our staff can also assist you in verifying your coverage prior to your appointment.

What does a Diabetes Educator do?

A Diabetes Education can help you in several ways:

  • Understand what diabetes is and how it affects your body
  • Explain how diabetes medications work and how to safely take them.
  • Determine what types of food are best for you and how to plan meals that fit your life and budget
  • Determine the glucose monitoring routine and monitoring device for your specific circumstances
  • Help you set personal goals and track your progress

Why is Diabetes Education important for me?

Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training and Medical Nutrition Therapy are individual and complementary services to improve diabetes care. Research has shown the benefits of diabetes education on diabetes control. Diabetes self-management training and Medical Nutrition Therapy are benefits covered by Medicare and most health plans when provided by a diabetes educator within an accredited/recognized program.

A certified diabetes educator can help you adopt healthy behaviors and develop problem-solving and coping skills to help you overcome barriers you face in managing your diabetes.

Additional resources

Here are a few helpful links related to diabetes education and continued care:

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