Northeast Georgia Pediatric Services

Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s Pediatrics Unit, The Children’s Place, provides state-of-the-art health care in an environment designed especially for children.

We recognize the need for parents to be involved in the care of their children. That’s why each of our rooms contains a refrigerator and sleeper sofa or chair, making it more convenient and comfortable for parents to stay overnight.

Our unit also features inside and outside play areas with toys and activities to occupy even the most active youngster. We also offer a portable Nintendo play station that children can use in their rooms.

Treatments, such as IV administration and breathing treatments, are done in our special treatment room. Performing medical procedures in a different room keeps medical equipment and treatment, which may be scary to children, separate from their normal room environment.

Our experienced pediatrics staff cares not only for children but also for their parents and families. For more information about The Children’s Place call 770-219-3175.