Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker for an upcoming presentation?

Northeast Georgia Medical Center and Health System can provide a health education speaker for your next social, civic, church or other organizational meeting in groups of 25 or more.

Simply choose a topic of interest to your group, and fill out the form below to be sent to the Public Relations Department at least four weeks prior to your meeting to request a speaker. Presentations are subject to speaker availability.

This service is provided at no charge and supports the Medical Center’s mission “to improve the health of our community in all we do.”

Sample Speaker Topics

Below is a selection of possible topics.

Women & Children’s Services
  • Women & Children’s
  • Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Children’s Safety Topics from SAFE KIDS
  • Children’s Health Topics
  • Osteoporosis: Lowering Your Risk & Treatments
  • Menopause: How to Cope & Treatment Options
Heart & Vascular Health
  • Heart Disease: Signs & Symptoms and Lowering Your Risk Factors
  • Stroke: Signs & Symptoms and Lowering Your Risk Factors
  • Vascular Diseases of the Legs
  • Other Topics Including: Treatment Options, Controlling High Blood Pressure and Living with Heart Disease
  • Lowering Your Risk Factors for Cancer & the Importance of Early Detection
  • Presentations on Different Types of Cancer including Breast, Prostate, Colon, Lung, Skin, Lymphoma
  • Evaluating Treatment Options: Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Surgery
Aches & Pains
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Controlling Low Back Pain
  • Living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia
  • Care and Condition of Joints
Weight & Diet
  • Nutritional Health
  • Sensible Weight Management: Fad Dieting
  • Exercise for the Elderly
  • Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Bypass)
  • Diabetes: Signs & Symptoms and How to Prevent
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lifestyle Modifications for Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Other Topics
  • Sleep Health: Including Disorders & Treatment Options
  • Mental Health or Chemical Dependency
  • Asthma & Allergies
  • Varicose Veins: Causes & Treatment Options
  • Acid Reflux & Other Disorders of the Digestive Tract
  • Hospice: End of Life Care & Advance Directives
  • Stress Reduction & Management