Continuing Medical Education

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The NGHS Continuing Medical Education Department is committed to providing quality medical education to physicians.

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Our Purpose

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) department at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) endeavors to spearhead medical education initiatives, fostering the professional growth of healthcare providers and enhancing patient care outcomes through evidence-based educational learning activities.

Our Vision

Our CME department is dedicated to delivering impactful educational initiatives tailored not only for physicians and advanced practitioners but also for nurses, allied health, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. We envision a future where knowledge is advanced, awareness of current health issues is heightened, and the application of evidence-based medicine is embraced for enhanced patient care.

At NGHS CME, we are committed to addressing educational needs across all clinical levels by identifying performance gaps. Through this process, we foster and sustain a skilled medical workforce that aligns with NGHS’s overarching mission of “improving the health of our community in all we do.”

Diversity & Inclusion

The CME team is dedicated to offering a wide range of inclusive medical education programs that accurately reflect the diversity of our expanding patient community. This commitment serves to mitigate health disparities and combat medical biases, aligning with our organizational mission.