Ligament Treatment

Ligaments are responsible for connecting bones throughout the body and limiting joint movement. Ligaments are flexible, but can tear as a result of a fall or sports injury.  When strained, the ligament will attempt to heal itself through inflammation. If the healing process is unsuccessful, the injured ligament can limit joint mobility and become increasingly painful.


Ligament sprains are classified based on the severity of the damage or tear. An MRI or arthroscopic procedure is often required to properly diagnose and treat joint and ligament damage.

Arthroscopy allows surgeons to view the affected joints and ligaments through the lens of a small camera.  This can be used to determine the severity of the injury and also to help define best treatment options.

Treatment Options

Our orthopedic team specializes in the following types of treatment for patients suffering from torn ligaments and ligament damage to the elbow, foot, shoulder or knee.

There are various treatment options available for torn ligaments or ligament damage. Mild shoulder dislocations and shoulder separations may heal with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. However, more severe injuries (such as an ACL tear) may require repair or reconstructive surgery.

ACL Repair & Reconstruction

ACL injuries commonly occur during sports and can be particularly painful. Treatments include physical therapy, rest or surgery. Learn more about ACL reconstruction.

Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

If you have developed chronic ankle instability due to the ligaments in your ankle becoming loosened or stretched, it may be time to consider ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. At Northeast Georgia Medical Center, we have a specialized program for foot and ankle injuries, where we can develop a custom treatment plan to improve your mobility and pain.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Northeast Georgia Medical Center offers arthroscopic surgery for certain orthopedic issues. This minimally invasive procedure can be used for diagnostic purposes to help develop a treatment plan for your injury, but for certain injuries, it can also allow a surgeon to easily repair or remove damaged tissue, which means less pain and a faster recovery. Learn more about arthroscopic surgery.

LCL Repair & Reconstruction

The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) tears often require surgery and whether your LCL can be repaired, or if it needs to be reconstructed, depends on the severity of your injury. Choosing a surgeon with experience and a facility with advanced diagnostic and surgical technology can ensure that you have the best outcome from this procedure. After surgery is completed, your orthopedic surgeon will prescribe physical therapy to help you regain mobility. 

MCL Repair & Recognstruction

The MCL is a major fibrous tissue that is connected to the shin and thigh bones, and acts a stabilizer for the knee. MCL injuries can include a sprain or tear, and may require surgery. Learn more about MCL repair.

Meniscus Repair

Meniscus injuries are common, often the result of a sports injury. Injuries can be benign requiring only ice and elevation to treat the swelling and pain or involve more severe tears that may require surgical treatment. Learn more about meniscus repair.

PCL Reconstruction

The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is a ligament in your knee that can experience tears and it may require surgery to repair, or potentially reconstruct, depending on the severity of the tear. In many cases, patients can go home the same day after PCL repair surgery. 

Physical Therapy & Outpatient Rehabilitation

At Northeast Georgia Medical Center, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation and physical therapy services at several, convenient locations. Depending on the severity of your ligament injury, your orthopedic doctor may prescribe physical therapy or outpatient rehabilitation to treat the issue or after a surgical procedure. Learn more about our programs:

Thumb / Hand Reconstruction

njuries to your hand, wrist and upper extremities can be extremely painful and make it difficult to complete day-to-day tasks. If you experience pain in your hand or wrist, it is important you seek treatment to avoid long term problems. Learn more about our hand and wrist program.

“Tommy John” surgery

Also called ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction, this specialized procedure can help restore function and reduce pain due in the elbow joint due to ligament tears.

Why Choose NGMC?

With proper treatment for your ligament injury, it is possible to regain strength and improve mobility. Our physicians are trained in the highest quality treatment and can help you lead a better quality of life. Equipped with the most advanced technology, treatments and surgical techniques, NGMC offers experience and expertise in a complete range of orthopedic and sports medicine services.

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