Orthopedic Treatments & Programs

Our comprehensive orthopedics program focuses on giving our patients the gift of a healthy, pain-free body so they can enjoy the special moments of life. With our program, you have access to a top-notch team of orthopedic doctors and the most advanced surgical technology to ensure you receive the best care, without having to travel far.

Our orthopedic treatments and programs:

Elbow Injuries & Pain

If you have elbow pain or a more advanced issue related to your elbow joint, our team at NGMC can help diagnose and treat the issue.

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Foot & Ankle Injuries

Injuries or pain in this area can be difficult to pin-point, but our team at NGMC can identify and treat the issue to help you get back to your normal activities.

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Fractures / Broken Bones

Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s orthopedic specialists are committed to the highest quality treatment of fractures. Our board certified providers are trained to conduct advanced procedures designed to help patients recover as soon as possible.

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Hand & Wrist Injuries

Whether you have an injury, like a fracture or a sprain, or a chronic issue like carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help!

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Joint Replacement

Our surgeons perform a high volume of joint replacement surgeries each year, using the latest techniques to limit recovery times and improve outcomes for patients. Whether you need a knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder, we can match you with the right surgeon to help you get on the road to recovery.

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Ligament Tears (including ACL & MCL Injuries)

A common injury for athletes, ligament tears can be a painful injury that can prevent you from doing what you love. Whether you need physical therapy, surgery or another approach, our team can help develop a plan to get you on the path to recovery.

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Physical Therapy

NGMC’s orthopedic team can refer you to our physical therapy program through the Rehabilitation Institute of Northeast Georgia Medical Center. We have six outpatient locations throughout northeast Georgia.

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Spine & Back Pain

Our experienced physicians are specially trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of spine and back issues, ensuring that we can develop a custom treatment plan for you to improve treatment outcomes.

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine involves diagnosis and treatment of injuries obtained through physical fitness and other exercise-related activity.

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