Broken Bones & Dislocated Joints

Broken bones, or bone fractures, and dislocated joints should be seen and treated by a medical professional immediately. If you believe you may have broken a bone or dislocated a joint, please go to one of our urgent cares or emergency room locations as soon as possible. 

Treatment of Fractures

Fractures are treated with immobilization involving a splint and cast and usually require limited weight bearing through the use of crutches or a walker. The amount of time the patient is required to wear the cast varies depending on the severity of the break, but usually lasts around six to eight weeks. Physical therapy is often needed after cast removal.

Some fractures require surgical repair.  This is usually done to achieve proper alignment of the bone, which helps achieve better functional outcomes once the bone is healed.

Treatment & Care for Dislocations

All dislocations should be immobilized and addressed by a medical professional immediately. The dislocation must be treated right away and, many times, may be treated without surgery; however, severe or recurrent dislocations may need surgical intervention. Follow-up with a trained orthopedic surgeon is recommended for these injuries. 

Symptoms of dislocation include:

  • Deformity of an extremity or joint
  • Limited or complete inability to move a joint
  • Pain and swelling in a joint

Physical therapy is often a crucial part of the recovery process after dislocation, especially among athletes. With correct treatment, the affected joint can typically be healed in three to six weeks.

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