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MCL Injuries

The Orthopedic Program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center has a team of experts ready to help you if you believe you have injured your medial collateral ligament (MCL).

The MCL is a major fibrous tissue that is connected to the shin and thigh bones, and acts a stabilizer for the knee.  MCL injuries can include a sprain or tear, and may require surgery. The MCL is often injured at the same as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

MCL injuries are graded on three different levels, depending on the severity of the injury:

  • Grade 1 MCL injuries are usually just sprains, with a common symptom being tenderness on the inside of the knee with no swelling.  
  • Grade 2 MCL injuries typically include minor tears and may present swelling.  
  • Grade 3 MCL injuries are complete tears, which commonly tend to give the knee a “loose” feeling.  

Pain is present in all three grades, but can vary.

Should surgery be necessary to repair the damaged MCL, patients can expect to wear a knee brace and not participate in sports or other physical activities for four to six weeks. Therapy and rehabilitation are also helpful during recovery.

MCL injuries are commonly found in contact sports, especially football.  As a result, receiving treatment from a trusted and reliable sports medicine physician is essential in making a quick and successful return to activities.  Our staff is dedicated to getting their patients back to a normal lifestyle in a timely manner.

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