Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is a common minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides the surgeon a clear view of the inside of the joint and facilitates diagnosis and treatment of many orthopedic injuries. This procedure means less pain and a faster recovery for the patient.

Offered at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, arthroscopy is performed through small incisions that allow for a pencil-sized camera and instruments to be inserted into the joint. The inserted camera projects images of the interior of the joint onto a viewing monitor, and if a problem is detected, instruments are used to feel, repair or remove damaged tissue from the troubled area. An arthroscopic approach minimizes the size of surgical incisions and muscle/tissue trauma, which means less pain and a faster recovery for the patient.

Some of the most common injuries diagnosed and often corrected using an arthroscopic approach include:

  • Knee: cartilage tears, inflamed tissue, wearing or injury of cartilage cushion, ligament tears
  • Shoulder: rotator cuff tendon tears, bone spurs, ligament repairs, inflamed tissue or loose cartilage, recurrent dislocations
  • Hip: bone spurs, dysplasia, inflammation, loose bone or cartilage fragments, infection

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