Treatment & Programs at Laurelwood

Inpatient Hospitalization

Inpatient Hospitalization is the highest level of treatment offered at Laurelwood. This service is designed to provide continuous treatment for individuals with acute psychiatric or substance abuse problems. Each patient will see a psychiatrist daily and all supportive therapy, nursing, and medical care is provided under the supervision of the psychiatrist. The average length of stay in our Inpatient Hospitalization program is 3 – 5 days.

The program is intended to assist the patient in symptom management & reduction and relapse prevention. Patients will participate in a comprehensive, holistic program that includes daily psychiatric care, medication management, nursing care, activity therapy, group therapy, individual and family therapy. Patients benefit from a variety of therapeutic interventions as well as psychoeducation.

Discharge planning begins at the time of admission. Once the interdisciplinary treatment team agrees that the patient is appropriate for discharge, the behavioral therapist will work with the patient to outline the specific discharge plan. At this point, the patient will be given discharge instructions, complete with after care appointments, contact information and community resources. The purpose of discharge planning is to ensure continuity of care as the patient continues in his/her recovery.
Laurelwood offers Inpatient Hospitalization to both adults and adolescents (adolescents age 12 through 17), with one adolescent unit and two adult units available. For adults, the determination of unit is based primarily on presenting symptoms and bed availability.