Assessment Services

Assessment Services are usually the entry point to mental health services. All assessments are provided by trained professionals we call Intake Specialists. The Intake Specialist will sit down with the patient and support persons (or other collateral contact as available), ask a few questions and discuss the current situation.

Assessment Services are offered in multiple locations throughout NGHS:

Behavioral Health Access Center Intake

Located near the Emergency Room, the lobby is open for assessments Monday through Friday. This location is used for new patients that are not currently admitted to the hospital. Hours are 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Learn more about the Behavioral Health Access Center

Emergency Room (ER)

The need for Behavioral Health Services is often identified during the course of treatment for a patient in the ER. Our Intake Specialists are available to provide an assessment to the patient in the ER.

Medical Floor

Many patients express a need for Behavioral Health Services during the course of their treatment for medical issues. Our Intake Specialists will provide an assessment to the patient in their hospital room.

Please call 770-219-2888 for more information about Assessment Services.