About Us

Our Trauma & Acute Care Surgery Team

Our experienced trauma team provides and coordinates care for trauma and acute care surgery patients throughout their patient journey from the Emergency Department, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, surgical floor to the outpatient clinic.

Our Trauma & Acute Care Surgeons provide crucial support and consultation through consults or transfers from local and regional surgeons from other health systems. In addition to consults and transfers, our team may also “surgically rescue” patients with surgical complications. 

Our Orthopedic Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery (OTRS) Team

The Orthopedic Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery (OTRS) Team cares for patients who have experienced traumatic orthopedic injuries. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons, advanced practice providers and and ambulatory clinic staff have extensive specialized orthopedic trauma training.

Our Support Team

Regional Trauma Advisory Committee

As part of the State of Georgia’s trauma system, the Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC) develops and maintains the region’s trauma system plan and monitors system compliance and improvement activities. The RTAC is comprised of EMS agencies, participating hospitals, local governments and the public.

NGMC Trauma Service Area