Clinical Performance - Pneumonia

Clinical Performance - Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection that causes difficulty breathing, fever, cough and fatigue.
Indicators of care suggested for pneumonia as a core measure are listed below.  Click each indicator to learn why it’s important and how Northeast Georgia Medical Center  (NGMC) compares nationally for that indicator.
The statistics below were compiled July 2012 – June 2013, as reported to the Hospital Quality Alliance.

Why is this indicator important?
This chart shows the percentage of pneumonia patients who received a blood culture before an antibiotic.  A blood culture is a test to identify which bacteria may have caused your pneumonia and which antibiotic should be prescribed.
Why is this indicator important?
Pneumonia is a lung infection that is usually caused by bacteria or a virus.  If pneumonia is caused by bacteria, physicians treat the infection with antibiotics.  Different bacteria are treated with different antibiotics.
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