Occupational Rehabilitation

At NGMC, our licensed physical and occupational therapists are proud to offer outstanding outpatient physical and occupational therapy services to the North Georgia area. Our occupational therapy’s specialized “Ready to Work” program is designed to help employees return to work quickly and safely. 

We strive to provide the best care to patients who have disabilities due to an accident or injury, stroke, amputation, arthritis or other physical illness.  Our rehab teams help each patient establish plans and goals that allow for more independent living.  These goals range from improving mobility, to self-care, to improving socialization skills and/or memory.  Our ultimate goal is to help our patients regain their independence and function at the highest level possible.

Our Process

Our therapists evaluate data from various tests and measures to determine your diagnosis, prognosis and course of treatment. 

Occupational Rehabilitation Team

The Ready to Work’s occupational rehabilitation team consists of physical therapists, occupational therapists and a case manager that have extensive experience in the area of work-related injuries. The team closely manages the employee’s rehabilitation care and provides timely communication to the physician and employer.

Work Conditioning

Treatment consists of work-related endurance, strengthening and conditioning exercises.
Work simulation activities increase the patient’s confidence in his or her work abilities.
The internal case manager monitors the patient’s progress and provides weekly reports to the physician, employer, insurance carrier and external case manager. Over 80 percent of patients in the Ready to Work program demonstrate improved work abilities at discharge.

Functional Capacity Assessment

A functional capacity assessment is a standardized, extensive assessment that yields objective information on a person’s safe work abilities. The concise assessment report provides information on overall level of work, tolerance for an eight hour work day, level of cooperation with testing and specific work abilities.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments are comprehensive worksite analyses with specific recommendations to reduce an employee’s discomfort or increase an employee’s safety.

Pre-Work Screenings

Pre-work demand screenings evaluate the job candidate’s ability to safely perform the
physical job demands. Our work demand screenings have had documented success in decreasing potential workers’ compensation claims.

Injury Prevention Education

Ready to Work provides education customized to meet the company’s needs. The focus of education is on the employee taking responsibility for his or her personal health and safety.

Our therapists focus on prevention and education as much as rehabilitation. Through screening and consultation, we identify individualized risk factors for a patient and work towards overcoming obstacles.

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