Before Admission

Before admission, the patient and family should decide who will attend therapy and nursing educational meetings with the patient each week to get hands-on experience.

On the Day of Admission

On the day of admission, caregivers will spend at least two to three hours admitting the patient, meeting the staff and beginning education about rehabilitation. During this time, the case manager will talk with you about your educational meetings. Each educational meeting will take place on a weekday (Monday – Friday) and last for several hours. We will work to schedule the best days for your needs.

Education Meetings

The amount of education depends on the patient’s medical needs, abilities and the discharge plan. Caregiver education is a necessary part of rehabilitation and requires your participation. Please wear comfortable clothes to the meetings, as you will practice mobility, dressing, communication, memory and social skills with the patient and therapists. These may include bathing, toileting, hair shampooing and special feeding techniques. This will give you a realistic picture of the patient’s abilities and will help identify problems before you take the patient home. During education meetings, nurses also will teach you about medications, hygiene and general health care.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins before admission to the rehabilitation unit and includes instruction and medications, home exercises, equipment and follow-up care. Please feel free to ask questions or voice concerns at any time during the planning process. Your case manager, nurses and therapists will be glad to assist you.