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Are you are considering Bariatric Surgery? Start your journey at our free Bariatrics 101 class.

The information presented in the Bariatrics 101 class will help you understand the impact of morbid obesity on your body and how losing significant weight can improve your overall health and well-being.

The class also reviews contemporary surgical treatment so you can understand your options before your first appointment.

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This video will review the disease of obesity and it’s impact on the body, treatment options, surgical procedures, benefits and risks of weight loss surgery, how to be success in losing weight and maintaining your weight after weight loss surgery, and life style changes necessary. You will meet our surgeons and hear about how weight loss surgery can impact your life. Complete the short form below to get started.

Common questions & answers

Why do I need to start with the Bariatrics 101 class?

Bariatrics 101 means a successful start to your journey. You will have the opportunity to meet our bariatric team and surgeons, learn about our process and get help making an appointment. The Bariatrics 101 seminar is required for everyone who wants to enter the Bariatrics Program at NGMC. This ensures our patients have the opportunity to ask questions and feel ready for their journey.

What will I learn at Bariatrics 101?

Our bariatric program manager will walk you through the Bariatric Surgery process and discuss all things Bariatrics at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Does insurance cover weight loss surgery?

It depends on the individual insurance carrier and whether or not weight loss surgery is offered in your policy. If your policy covers weight loss surgery, your insurance provider can tell you what health requirements are necessary for coverage. Attend our Bariatrics 101 class and we’ll help you navigate the insurance process.

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