Adolescent Weight Loss

At NGMC, we offer a variety of weight-loss options for our adolescent population, including:

  • Surgical Weight Loss:
    Our team will guide you through the entire surgical process from initial preparation to post-operative care. Patients and families are seen monthly by our multidisciplinary team for several months prior to surgery to safely proceed and to maximize success. Family involvement is critical and required by insurance. We offer gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy for patients ages 15 and older who are deemed good candidates. We have a dedicated Bariatrics unit at NGMC Gainesville that features rooms and equipment specially designed for bariatric patients.
  • Medical Weight Loss:
    Offered to patents ages 7 and older, our Pediatric Medical Advisor and Registered Dietician work with patients and their families to meet their unique needs. They offer a variety of solutions, including nutritional guidance, behavioral modifications, physical activity guidelines and medications, when appropriate.
  • Nutrition Counseling:
    Our program includes access to a Registered Dietitian who is specially certified to work with adolescents. She works with patients to teach them tools to properly fuel their bodies and reach a health weight.
  • Behavioral Health Services:
    For weight-loss patients, losing weight is not only about the physical transformation. There is a mental aspect to life after surgery, too. Our patients have access to a Pediatric Psychologist, who provides psychological evaluations, counseling and guidance to patients and families.
  • Physical Evaluations:
    Patients will meet one-on-one with a member of our athletic training team to evaluate their current physical abilities and determine realistic goals for their weight-loss journey. Body composition modeling is used to help patients monitor their progress and prevent muscle wasting as they lose weight.
  • Educational Resources:
    Like our adult patients, our adolescent patients also benefit from a variety of aftercare program and support opportunities, including support groups, cooking classes, exercise classes and more.

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