Injury Prevention Programs

Community education is best accomplished through shared ownership, with multiple partners in the community working together. The Trauma Outreach and Injury Prevention Coordinator partners with community organizations (Northeast Georgia Falls Coalition, Legacy Link, Georgia Department of Health, Center Pointe, etc.) to provide community education.

In addition to addressing the most common causes of injury for NGMC, the trauma program offers free community education courses.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Program

Please contact to learn when and where this course is offered.

What is Tai Chi?

Though it originated in ancient China and is considered a martial art, tai chi consists of slow continuous whole-body movements strung together in a form. Like dance, the movements are learned and follow one after the other.

The essential principles of tai chi include mind and body integration, fluid movements, controlled breathing and mental concentration. The central focus is to enable the qi (pronounced “chee”), or lifeforce, to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Total harmony of the inner and outer self comes from the integration of the mind and body and is achieved through regular practice.

Today, Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body, not only in China, but around the world. Tai Chi helps people relax and feel better. Everything improves when you are more relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

How Does Tai Chi Improve Arthritis?

Tai Chi incorporates exercises that improve muscular strength, flexibility and fitness, all of which are effective therapies for those with arthritis.


ThinkFirst is a national injury prevention platform that is evidence based. ThinkFirst provides educational programs designed to incorporate all elements of the Health Belief Model, a theory-based health model for attaining behavior change. ThinkFirst uses creative strategies such as having speakers who are trauma survivors tell their stories during the instruction. ThinkFirst serves the community by empowering community members the opportunity to be a part of the chapter.

If you interested in becoming a member of the Northeast Georgia ThinkFirst chapter please email

For Kids

ThinkFirst for Kids is an injury prevention presentation for grades 1 – 3. An engaging ThinkFirst assembly presentation introduces “Street Smart, the safety hero and his friends through an animated video and a presenter.

For Teens

ThinkFirst for teens is a fast paced, dynamic presentation for health classes, driver education classes or assemblies. Health educators present with VIP speakers – Voices for Injury Prevention – who share with students how an unsafe choice caused a brain or spinal cord injury and changed their life. Through personal testimony, students learn the importance of making safe choices. The program is offered free of charge to high schools, middle schools and colleges

For Youth

ThinkFirst for Youth is a presentation similar to ThinkFirst for Teens but focuses on issues pertinent to middle school youth. The presentation incorporates innovative safety lesion and activities. Science lessons include anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, while games and exercises help students learn to confidently make safe choices on their own and with peers.

About Concussions

ThinkFirst about concussions was developed as a one-hour classroom presentation for teen or youth that is given in health classes or to athletic groups. Students learn that concussions are brain injuries that should be taken seriously. Information on preventing concussions, recognition of signs and symptoms, following guidelines when a concussion is suspected and seeking medical attention are discussed. Students learn the importance of following their physician’s instruction for rest, activity and return to play. 

To Prevent Falls

ThinkFirst to Prevent Falls is a program for older adults available as a 2 ½ hour or 1 hour presentation. This program is not intended to replace multi-week programs like Matter of Balance, but to offer alternative formats for those wanting basic information in one presentation.

Stop the Bleed

Did you know that the #1 cause of preventable death after injury is bleeding? A bleeding injury can happen anywhere. Learn three quick techniques to help save a life before some bleeds out.

If you are interested in Stop The Bleed training please email

A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance is designed to reduce the fear of falling and improve activity levels among community-dwelling older adults. The program includes eight two-hour classes presented to a small group of 8-12 participants led by trained coaches. The program enables participants to reduce the fear of falling by learning to view falls as controllable, setting goals for increasing activity levels, making minor changes to reduce fall risks at home, and exercise to increase strength and balance.


Bingocize combines the game of bingo with exercise and tips to reduce the risk of falls. Participants play Bingocize twice weekly for 10-week sessions, with each 45-60 minute session consisting of exercises (range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, and endurance exercise) and fall prevention information.

For more information about a Matter of Balance or Bingocize, call 770-538-2711.