Continuing Education

Rural Trauma Team Development Course

What is Rural Trauma Team Development Course (RTTDC) and why was it developed?

Rural trauma is the “neglected disease” of the 21st century. RTTDC has been developed to help rural hospitals with development of their trauma teams. The course improves the quality of care in rural communities by developing a timely, organized, and systemic response to the care of the trauma patient, and a team approach that addresses common problems in the initial assessment and stabilization of the injured.

How long is RTTDC?

The course is designed to be given in one day over the course of approximately eight hours, in four separate modules of 1.5–2 hours each, or in a combination of modules.

Who can host a course?

The course can be presented in any facility with a large enough room to hold 20–30 participants for the didactic portion of the course. Good lighting, good acoustics, and the ability to accommodate a large projection screen and equipment for a PowerPoint presentation are requirements. Additional space in this room, or additional rooms, is required to set up the team-performance teaching stations. These stations must be far enough apart to allow reasonable conversational speech levels between the instructors and participants without interference from the other stations.

Continuing Education

Northeast Georgia Medical Trauma Services team offers free continuing education.

Northeast Georgia Trauma Symposium

Each year, NGMC partners with the region two Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC) to host an annual trauma symposium and cadaver skills lab. The Northeast Georgia Trauma Symposium is one of the leading educational opportunities in the southeast for trauma care professionals. This year’s event features a full day of educational seminars from local and nationally acclaimed speakers and provides CME for physicians and advanced practice providers, and CE for nurses and EMS providers. To learn more about the symposium click here.