Hip Replacement Surgery

Northeast Georgia Medical Center is home to the region’s only dedicated Joint Care Center. Our multi-disciplinary team at the Joint Care Center provides comprehensive care from surgery through recovery to support improved outcomes for patients. We offer specialized expertise and experience in innovative techniques for hip replacement surgery to give you a chance at enjoying a life free of pain.

The Procedure

Hip replacement, also referred to as arthroplasty is a surgical procedure in which the diseased parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced. The procedure involves removing the unhealthy cartilage and bone tissue from the hip joint and inserting an artificial hip in its place. Hip replacement is considered a viable treatment option for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis and various hip injuries.

Patients who undergo hip replacement procedure typically experience a reduction in hip pain, increased mobility and improved physical function in everyday activities. While hip replacement can be an extremely effective treatment option, not all patients suffering from hip conditions will qualify for this particular procedure. If you suffer from hip joint damage, or any other type of hip injury, consult one of our orthopedic specialists for more information on treatment options.

Types of Hip Replacement

Our expert orthopedic physicians specialize in varying degrees of joint replacement procedures, including the traditional posterior hip replacement and a less invasive anterior approach hip replacement option.

  • Posterior Hip Replacement is traditionally the most common procedure for total hip replacement. It is a minimally-invasive hip procedure performed through an incision at the posterior side of the hip close to the buttocks. Once the hip is exposed and implants are positioned, all soft tissues are re-attached, and incisions are closed.
  • Anterior Approach Hip Replacement is a less invasive surgical option for hip replacement performed through a small incision made in the front of the hip. The anterior approach allows surgeons to replace the hip joint with more precise placement and less trauma to surrounding muscle. This method offers patients reduced hospital stay, shorter recovery time and less pain overall.
  • Hip Replacement Revisions are a reoperation involving a partial or complete exchange of the hip implant from the original surgery. Hip prosthesis typically have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years but the implant may require repair or replacement in younger, more active patients who experience recurring dislocations of the hip, pain caused by wear and tear of the artificial implant or an infection has developed in the surrounding tissue. Revision surgery helps resolve the problems patients are experiencing so that the hip joint can function normally, free of pain and with improved mobility.

Why Choose NGMC?

The Orthopedic Program at NGMC offers comprehensive medical and surgical care from expert orthopedic specialists who are equipped with the most advanced technology, treatments and surgical techniques. All of our orthopedic surgeons are board certified or board eligible and bring the full spectrum of orthopedic options to the greater Northeast Georgia region. 

Through the Joint Care Center of NGMC, we offer a number of unique benefits to patients, including access to an Orthopedic Nurse Navigator to guide you throughout the entire journey, access to a specialized joint care patient portal through VOX and access to surgeons who perform a high volume of joint surgeries each year. Learn more about our Joint Care Center or view our patient FAQs to learn what to expect as a patient.

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