Donate to Support Workforce Development

Support the Future of Healthcare

At Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) we strive to support a sustainable workforce for our organization but also for our patients. Not only do we provide development opportunities to advance careers for internal employees, but we also foster academic development and provide avenues for entry-level clinical staff. By encouraging the growth of our staff, NGHS can provide a stronger workforce to better serve our community.

How We Foster Career Growth

  • Clinical Programs
    Through funding from donors to NGHS Foundation, students and employees are given the opportunity to receive valuable training and medical experience at no cost to them. Upon completion, they secure positions within the organization and our residency programs.
  • Scholarships
    NGHS Foundation donors funds an assortment of scholarships for the purpose of professional and academic development of NGHS nursing employees and allied health students. Allied health students are healthcare professionals who offer services such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Radiology Tech, Speech Therapy and more.
  • Continued Medical Education
    Our Continuing Medical Education Department fosters educational growth by providing resources as well as educational activities for our healthcare professionals. By advancing knowledge, increasing awareness of current health issues, and encouraging the application of evidence-based medicine, our CME team supports the health system to offer the highest quality care possible, offering the best outcomes for our patients.

Give Today

Donations to NGHS Foundation are an investment in the next generation of healthcare workers in our community. With your help NGHS can continue to secure a stronger, more sustainable workforce for patients across Northeast Georgia, ensuring the health of our community now and into the future.