About the NGHS Foundation

Because you care to improve the health of the community. 

Founded in 1986, the Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees and has contributed millions of dollars of support to health system improvements, community benefit programs and partner organizations. 

Because our donors care, we are building a healthier Northeast Georgia by:

  • Providing life-saving devices
  • Improving the odds of survival
  • Impacting lives sacred moments
  • Combating mental health and addiction issues
  • Helping others during their healthcare journey
  • Recognizing the excellent care our donors, or their loved ones, received
  • Enhancing innovation and capacity through capital improvements
  • Promoting technological advancements
  • Adding programs and improvements to services
  • Becoming lifesavers to our donors’ friends, families and neighbors – for generations to come.
Founder Nell Whelchel Wiegand

Meet Our Staff

Board of Trustees

Northeast Georgia Health System Foundation Board of Trustees:

  • Pepper Brown, MD
  • Lynne Allen
  • Elena Barberis
  • Karen Baston
  • Neal Booth, Sr.
  • Chris Bray
  • Carol Burrell
  • Katie Crumley
  • Debbie Davis
  • Emily Davoodi, MD
  • Cory Duncan, MD
  • Ugochukwu Egolum, MD
  • Tony Funari
  • Jon Horn, MD
  • Charles W. “Chuck” Jones
  • Tim Lovell
  • Caryn McGarity
  • Scott McGarity
  • Ricky Pugh
  • Rhonda Rogers
  • Josh Schlieman
  • Crystal Schlieman
  • Russell Smith
  • Chauntelle Steines
  • Susan Wentz

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