Birth Expectation Plan

We have developed a Birth Expectation Plan to help guide you in some of the options that are available to you during childbirth. This also gives you the opportunity to share what your expectations are for your birth experience so that we can partner together.

Create your birth plan by completeing the web form below. If you prefer, you may also complete a downloadable form and fax it in to us. Please use the Birth Expectation Plan to begin conversations with your healthcare provider(s) about the kind of birth experience that is important to you. We encourage you to research all options, and discuss the effectiveness and risks of those that interest you with your healthcare provider(s).

Birth Expectation Plan - PDF Download     Fax: 770-219-3262

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Patient Information
Care Provider

Environment within the Birthing Suite

The following are the people I want present in room at time of delivery (You may have up to 4 people and one support person)
Pain Management During Labor

Techniques/Positions to Cope With Back Labor

Care During Labor

Delivery Position



Our concerns/priorities regarding labor and birth
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