Perinatal Mental Health

There’s often a stigma associated with the term “mental health” – especially when it comes to new and expecting mothers. But adjusting to life with a new baby can be overwhelming, exhausting and, sometimes, even isolating.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and your mental well-being during pregnancy and after birth – and to know when to ask for help.

Mother holding a baby

You aren’t alone.

Experiencing symptoms of depression before or after the birth of your child is not unusual – and you are not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as 20 percent of women develop some type of pregnancy-related mood disorder.

It can be hard to tell if you’re experiencing normal postpartum blues or something more severe.

Signs and symptoms of perinatal mood disorder

  • Feeling guilty or like a failure as a mother
  • Feeling overwhelmed, not able to accomplish daily activities
  • Trouble concentrating and making decisions
  • Sleep disturbances (too much or inability to sleep when able) 
  • Feeling like you are not normal or not yourself anymore
  • Not being able to enjoy your baby or feeling like you are not bonding with your baby
  • Feeling lonely or all alone 
  • Feeling like your baby might be better off without you

If you’re experiencing any of these, please contact your health care provider to determine what’s best for you. If you have thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or your baby, please call 911 immediately and stay with someone until help arrives.  

Helpful Resources
  • Longstreet Clinic 770-297-2200
  • Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) OB/GYN 770-219-9300
  • Laurelwood Intake
    Gainesville 770-219-2888 | Braselton 770-848-6589 Provides assessment and assists with resources or placement – 24/7.
  • NGPG Behavioral Health Specialists
    Licensed Clinical Social Workers that provide guidance, counseling and experience in the treatment of mental conditions such as perinatal mood disorder.
  • Postpartum International 1-800-944-4773 |
    Offers a 24/7 help line and weekly phone support groups in both English and Spanish.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-(800)-273-8255
  • National Maternal Mental Health Hotline 1-(833)-852-6262
  • National Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline Call 988
  • Georgia Crisis & Access Line (GCAL) 1-800-715-4225
  • MotherToBaby Georgia 1-855-789-6222
    Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Exposure
  • Postpartum Support International Warm Line 1-800-944-4773 call or text
  • CARES Warm line 1-844-326-5400 call or text
  • Help Me Grow 1-888-457-4769