Perinatal Loss

Suffering the loss of a child – during pregnancy, childbirth or after – is devastating.

We want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, 1 in 4 women will experience perinatal loss. As common as it is, it’s often not talked about openly, and many women experience feelings of sadness, guilt, loneliness and even depression. We are here to help.

At Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC), we offer a Bereavement and Family Support Program, which gives us the opportunity to provide care alongside our families during the initial stages of their loss journey. While we can’t “fix” or “resolve” someone’s grief, we can focus on creating a safe space for parents to begin their healing process. By providing emotional and spiritual support in a compassionate environment, we hope to make a positive impact in their healing journey.

Our Women & Children’s Services Chaplain and our Bereavement and Family Support Coordinator provide a range of services, including counseling, honoring your child and hosting support group meetings.

Support Groups

Grieving the loss of a child can feel overwhelming and lonely, but you don’t have to experience these emotions alone. We offer a perinatal loss support group, which gives our families a place to come together, speak openly about their feelings and experiences and start their journey to healing together. Find upcoming dates for our perinatal loss support group here.

Honoring Your Child

We believe an integral component of the healing journey is making memories and discovering ways to honor the life of your baby. Remembering and affirming the life of your baby facilitates your ability to adjust to a different future. We offer a pregnancy and infant loss memorial service each year as a way for us to affirm your baby’s importance and significance.

We also focus on creating tangible keepsakes and memories for the family to take home with them. Through a partnership with Rachel’s Gift, we are able to provide bereaved families with a specialized gift box of memories and grief literature. Our goal is to honor the story and the life of every baby, regardless of gestational age. 

Tips to Support a Loved One Through Perinatal Loss

Losing a loved one can be hard to comprehend, and even harder to know how to help the person suffering this loss. While everyone grieves differently, there are some things you can do to help during this time. Check out our recent blog, 6 ways to support during the loss of a baby for some helpful tips.