Patient Navigation Program

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Just navigating the healthcare system with different doctors, facilities, tests and decisions can be a confusing process. Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) understands these challenges, and that’s why we offer our cancer patients a free service that extends care beyond the clinical level. Services are offered at all three hospital locations: NGMC Gainesville, NGMC Braselton and NGMC Barrow.

NGMC’s Cancer Patient Navigation Program provides cancer patients with guidance and support from cancer diagnosis through recovery.

How they serve our patients:

  • Assist patients in coordination of care, often from diagnosis to completion of treatment and survivorship;
  • Assess barriers to care and help engage patients and family members in decision-making;
  • Educate patients and caregivers about the disease;
  • Empower patients to communicate their healthcare treatment choices and actively participate in their care through self-management;
  • Encourage active communication between patients and healthcare providers; and
  • Providine access to financial resources and other support services.

Meet Our Nurse Navigators

Lisa Bridges, BSN, RN, CBCN

Breast and prostate cancers

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Alison Evans, RN

Digestive, gynecologic and urological cancers

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Renee Wilson, RN

Lung, head, neck and brain cancers

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Alicia Harrison, RN

Supervisor and support for Navigation Team

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Meet Our Patient Navigator

Jennifer Roberts, BSW

Assists nurse navigators in supporting patients across the health system and provides a vast array of resources for patients.

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Cancer Rehabilitation

The Cancer Center and The Rehabilitation Institute of NGMC partner to provide the Cancer Rehabilitation program, where care for patients going through chemotherapy, and after, are provided with a group of multidisciplinary tained professionals who have experience treating the disease. These professionals tailor each patients care to help improve the quality of your daily life, and tackle the negative side effects of cancer treatment.

For more information about the Cancer Rehabilitation program, please call 770-219-8200 or visit