Change Grants

Funded through WATCH, Change Grants are an avenue for employees to create positive change within NGHS.

Launched in 2019, our Change Grants allow employees to submit ideas for projects that improve patient experience, employee morale, and patient-family satisfaction. Through employee generosity and passion for our mission, NGHS team members are making great things happen across our entire region.

Why Give?

Your donation supports employee-led change within NGHS facilities.

WATCH Change Grants give employees the opportunity to:

  • Share innovative ideas within the workplace
  • Collaborate with coworkers to develop effective solutions
  • Actively participate in making NGHS better for patients, visitors and staff

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, NGHS can create a better future for patients and employees within our health system and community.

Change Grant Recipients

Some Change Grant projects include:

2023 Change Grant Recipients
  • “Radiant Wraps” for Radiation Oncology Patients – Submitted by: Alicia Harrison (2023)
  • Wigs and head wraps at “The Pretty Place”, NGMC Gainesville – Submitted by: Shelley Hannon (2023)
  • Campus Dining Vouchers for Long Distance NICU Families, NGMC Gainesville and NGMC Braselton – Submitted by:Karen Hoyt (2023)
  • Rocking/Recliners to Decrease Agitation for Dementia Patients – Submitted by: Nicole Fricks (2023)
  • Teleretinal Eye Scanners for Early Detection Diabetic Retinopathy – Submitted by: Brantley Moore (2023)
  • Serenity Garden Furnishings, NGMC Barrow – Submitted by: Tina Johnson (2023)
  • Cooking Equipment for Educational Presentations, NGMC Barrow – Submitted by: Tina Johnson (2023)
  • Dialect-Specific Videos for New Mothers – Submitted by: Grettchen Craft (2023)
  • Courtyard Transformation, Lanier Park – Submitted by: Jennifer Stoeckig (2023)
  • Busy Boards for Dementia Patients, NGMC Lumpkin – Submitted by: Rebecca Barrere (2023)
  • American Flags for Veterans: Code Salute, NGMC Gainesville – Submitted by: Karen Ende (2023)
  • Memory Bottles, NGMC Braselton – Submitted by: Tina Johnson (2023)
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs For All, NGMC Barrow – Submitted by: Dr. Linu Joseph (2023)
  • Live Therapeutic Music at All Campuses, NGMC – Submitted by: Lori Hamrick (2023)
  • Sensory Toolkits, NGPG Neurology – Submitted by: Ashley Trammell (2023)
  • Medical Equipment, NGMC Barrow – Submitted by: Zachary Green (2023)
  • Shoes of Hope: Clothing and Shoes for the Homeless, Laurelwood – Submitted by: Manuela Radu (2023)
  • Clothing Assistance for Indigent Patients – Submitted by Hayley Woodard (2023)
2022 Change Grant Recipients
  • Break Room Renovations, GSV Lab – Submitted by: Lissa Shirley (2022)
  • Memory Journals for Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Patients – Submitted by: Michelle Maire (2022)
  • Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder & Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities – Submitted by: Megan Crump (2022)
  • Patient Transportation Assistance – Submitted by: Hayley Woodard (2022)
  • Employee Area Renovations, NGMC Braselton – Submitted by: Bonnie Gibbons (2022)
  • Warmed Blankets for Infusion Therapy, Toccoa Cancer Center – Submitted by: Lane Smith (2022)
2021 Change Grant Recipients
  • Rejuvenation Room Creation – Submitted by: Hayley Woodard (2021)
  • Employee Library, NGMC Barrow – Submitted by: Tina Johnson (2021)
2019 Change Grant Recipients
  • Donate Life Flag Pole to Recognize Organ and Tissue Donors, NGMC Gainesville – Submitted by: Jesse Gibson (2019)
  • Beads of Courage NICU Program, NGMC Braselton & NGMC Gainesville – Submitted by: Katie Sessions (2019)

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