Field Guide to BURDS

A Scavenger Hunt for the Young (or Young at Heart)

The Legend of the 2030 BURDS

Deep in the pine thickets and lush valleys of Hall County, Georgia, grow a flock of small wild BURDS. With their wings proudly stretched, these distinctive creatures are no bigger than a hand yet large with personality and perpetual mischief.

Legend has it that the flock originally nested in the far reaches of barns and covered bridges, showing up from time to time. But, like many elusive creatures, these BURDS are heard by seldom seen, lesser still caught or tamed.

With population and growth, they spread their range, and some have come to roost at NGMC Gainesville and Braselton locations. These BURDS have a unique plaintive, sounding somewhat like a child’s cry … “Find Me!”

The BURDS do love people but remain elusive – ever waiting for the slightest hint of human recognition.

What happens upon discovery is as mystical as the creatures themselves. With human detection, they freeze their movement, solidify their posture and maintain an eternal gaze and stance. Each discovered BURD becomes gilded in refined gold, reflecting the first gold discovered in 1836 in Hall County or perhaps the first mint established on Gainesville’s Square.

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NGMC Gainesville Instructions:

  1. Use the Clues
  2. Find the Birds
  3. Use #2030BURDS to Share Photos on Social Media

When you have found each of the BURDs, please stop by one of the Window Shops for a small prize.

NGMC Gainesville Clues:

Download or view below!



Perched up high upon a rock, Begonia is the first BURD in the flock.

Get a tipCheck outside before going in the North Patient Tower.



Hidden behind an angel blue, Blythe sits and waits for you.

Get a tipAnne’s Garden is a quiet place to be.



Betsy loves to sing under the shadow of an angel’s wings.

Get a tipThese wings are hard to miss.



It’s an “honor” to be placed so high; Blaine likes to look out at the sky.

Get a tipHere is a place recognizing many people’s contributions.



On her perch by a waterfall, Brooke is the most peaceful of them all.

Get a tipHow many waterfalls are in this garden?



There is an outside place to pray where Benjamin helps you find your way.

Get a tipThis garden is named for a special lady.



Where you go inside to sit and pray, Benedict is hidden away.

Get a tipHe lives in a circular worship area.



Beverly is hoping to catch your eye while you look for gifts to buy.

Get a tipWho else loves The Window Shops?



Where patients come but do not stay, Beth is hiding and waiting to play.

Get a tipIt’s not an in-patient area.



Booker hides near a giant frog, but you may also spot a dog.

Get a tipThis garden is a special place for families.



Where the trail of paw prints ends, Barkley plays with her furry friends.

Get a tipPets and patients can come together here.



Where the humans go south to eat, Basil is patiently waiting for a treat.

Get a tipFind an outside dining area.

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NGMC Braselton Instructions:

  1. Use the Clues
  2. Find the Birds
  3. Use #2030BURDS to Share Photos on Social Media

When you have found each of the BURDs, please stop by one of the Window Shops for a small prize.

NGMC Braselton Clues:

Download or view below!



Bailey greets you as you enter: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Get a tipWhere do visitors enter the hospital?



Bonnie is hungry and in need of a meal. The menu from here is of large appeal!

Get a tipFollow the smell of pizza, fresh salads and fresh baked goods.



Bob is walking around looking up and down, embracing light, love and nature all around.

Get a tipPicnic tables are close by.



Watch out for Beatrice; she’s out for a run! You may want to join her for fun in the sun!

Get a tipFind the nearest W.A.T.C.H. Walkway sign.



You’ll find Brenda near a pew. She’s finding some peace and comfort too!

Get a tipSearch for the stained glass near Cafe 1400



Bart sees endless fields of green as he “LEEDs” the energy team.

Get a tipRead the LEED information and look up.



One penny, two penny, three pennies more, Bridget buys flowers on the 1st floor.

Get a tipWhere do visitors shop?



Brittany awaits a friend in surgery near the glass, and her view below helps the time pass.

Get a tipLook on the second floor between the patient rooms and the vascular/bariatric center.



Brayden is planning to take a quick swim. Better catch him before he jumps in!

Get a tipLook outside the emergency department



Catch up to Billy where he’s looking up high. He’s reciting the pledge of allegiance where our flag does fly!

Get a tipLook near the front of the hospital.



Barrett is excited to float down this stream where love and nature meet; it’s an outdoor dream!

Get a tipVisit the beautiful gardens.

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About Vision 2030

The Field Guide to BURDS Scavenger Hunt is a project of The Window Shops and The Medical Center Auxiliary’s Teen & College Volunteer Program, in collaboration with the Vision 2030 Public Art program: Brenau Urban Rural Discovery Secrets.

Post your BURD discoveries on social media with hashtag #2030BURDS.

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