3D Mammography service now available at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow

Published: Monday, January 28, 2019

Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Barrow is proud to announce the addition of 3D mammography to its line of advanced imaging services. That means people living in and around Barrow County now have more convenient access to technology proven to detect 41% more invasive breast cancer than traditional mammograms.

“We are so excited to offer 3D mammography, which means people no longer need to leave Barrow County to take advantage of this potentially life-saving service,” said Chad Hatfield, president of NGMC Barrow.

On average, one out of every 10 women who have a traditional mamogram are called back for repeat exams.

“That’s rarely the case with 3D Mammography,” explains Dr. Jon Horn, chief of Radiology at NGMC Barrow. “Our new machines help us see masses and distortions associated with cancer and precancerous cells more clearly, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of false positives and callbacks.”

For the patient, a 3D mammogram is very similar to having a traditional, two-dimensional mammogram. No additional compression is required, it only takes a few seconds longer for each view and x-ray exposure is only minimally increased when receiving a 3D mammogram. It’s also approved for all women undergoing a standard mammogram and is usually covered by insurance.

In addition to a team of dedicated mammography technologists and expert radiologists to detect breast cancer early, NGMC Barrow also has medical oncologists and surgeons to manage treatment. Since a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, NGMC Barrow also provides a nurse navigator to guide and support patients from diagnosis through recovery.

“The best protection is early detection and treatment,” reminds Dr. Horn.

Schedule your appointment today by visiting www.nghs.com/schedule-mammogram or call 770-219-7666.