One Way to Prevent Cardiac Disease Before it Starts

Published: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

What is Cardiovascular Prevention?

When it comes to healthcare, prevention can be defined as stopping disease or ailments before they happen. By stopping disease, patients can avoid costly medications or procedures and, hopefully, add years to their life.

When we talk about cardiovascular prevention, we are referring to preventing cardiovascular diseases and illnesses before they begin. This can involve adjusting your diet or adding physical activity to your daily routine.

But prevention isn’t always as easy as it sounds – sometimes it can seem like a difficult process.  The work that is involved in staying healthy or preventing disease is different for each person, and it always involves some sort of physical activity, which can be hard to maintain over a long period of time.

Having a dedicated wellness coach to keep you motivated could be a beneficial option for you.  

What is a Wellness Coach?

The Wellness Coaches at the Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids can help you develop a realistic and sustainable plan for physical activity. Their goal is to evaluate your health based on your risk factors and provide the right tools for you to achieve your goals – all the while, encouraging and motivating you to stick with it.

Wellness coaches use a variety of tools to help hold you accountable to an exercise routine and healthy diet:

  • They assist you in setting goals and identifying what’s holding you back.
  • They schedule weekly phone and Zoom calls on a variety of health-related topics.
  • They offer individual or group coaching sessions.
  • They offer counseling for fitness, nutrition, mobility, sleep and other areas.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to connect with one of our wellness coaches and start preventing cardiovascular illness, contact the Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism & Wellness at 770-219-0960.