Preventive Care to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease continues to be the most common form of disease and the number one of cause of death for both men and women – accounting for 1 out of every 4 deaths. However, just because heart disease is prevalent, doesn’t mean it’s a certainty or that it can’t be prevented. In fact, the Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids of Georgia Heart Institute specializes in providing key resources and services to keep your heart at its healthiest.

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Our program utilizes physical activity, culinary medicine and advanced screenings to help patients with:

  • Managing heart disease risk factors, including lipids
  • Identifying diseases in their earliest most treatable stages
  • Continuously improving quality of life after a cardiac event or disease diagnosis

What is Cardiac Wellness?

At every stage of life, your heart has different needs. Plus, it requires continuous support and ongoing care to function at its best. Everything from routine physical activity, nutritious foods, management of risk factors and key diagnostic services and screenings are consistently needed to maintain and protect heart health.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or not, cardiac wellness means keeping your heart as healthy as it can be – and it looks different for each person. For some it may mean preventing the onset of disease and proactively screening for heart conditions. For others, it may involve complementary services that make clinical care and treatment even more effective long term.

Ultimately, cardiac wellness is about prolonging and improving quality of life for everyone.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

There are many different forms of heart disease that can affect everything from the coronary and peripheral arteries to the electrical system or structure of the heart. Common risk factors for the different types of heart disease, include:

  • Family history of cardiovascular disease
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise)
  • Being overweight or obese
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Age
  • Diabetes

Why Choose Georgia Heart Institute?

As the leading heart and vascular program that’s focused on heart health for generations, Georgia Heart Institute has created an innovative center focused solely on patient education, healthy lifestyle behaviors, advanced screening services and support resources – spanning all types and levels of heart disease.

The Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids brings together expertise from non-invasive cardiology, culinary medicine, wellness coaching, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and more to deliver a holistic and comprehensive experience. This highly-trained team of preventative experts helps patients better understand their heart health, while also providing the expert guidance, advanced diagnostic testing and ongoing care needed to achieve and maintain long-term cardiac wellness.