NGMC Braselton Planning

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) began planning for a new hospital in south Hall County over a decade ago.

With the ability to provide more efficient quality care to those in the Braselton area, NGHS set expectations high as we worked to create the vision for a premier hospital to rival any in the nation. Through focus groups and an online survey, more than 1,000 community residents provided input into the hospital campus design at the onset of the planning process and we’d like to update you on the progress of NGMC Braselton, set to open in the spring of 2015.

Early in the process, our leadership team defined a set of guiding principles that would help us stay on course as we maneuver through the years of budgeting, planning and ultimately, builidng the new facility. The beautiful new facility will complement the exisisting Medical Plaza 1 on the hospital campus, but have its own unique finishes.

The hospital is designed to be energy-efficient in its use of environmental and human resources. Using evidence-based design principles, the floor plan and technological enhancements will allow for smarter workflows for physicians, nurses and staff, and will enhance efficient communication amoung multiple locations.

With a focus on sustainability practices, landscape designers teamed with the hospital architects to plan a green campus that uses recycled water, protects the nearby wetlands, and creates gardens of native plantings to promote health and healing.