Focus on Innovative Sustainability

Being a good steward of the environment is important to our neighbors and community residents as well. We believe it is our responsibility.

That is why throughout the planning process, NGMC Braselton has focused on lessening our impact on the environment. In doing so, close to $3.5 million was budgeted toward implementing sustainability advancements. We are seeking Gold-level leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  Healthcare Certification (LEED-HC) and will be one of the first hospitals in the nation to achieve this new certification. Practices we are implementing to lessen NGMC Braselton’s impact on the environment include:

  • Geothermal wells drilled into the earth to both cool and heat the hospital building
  • Reclaimed “purple pipe” water instead of potable water for irrigation
  • “Dark sky” lighting to reduce light pollution
  • LED Lighting coupled with sky lighting to provide a more energy efficient option than typical exterior lighting options
  • Window glazing that provides insulated glass, as well as a reflective property and resistance to heat conduction
  • Sun screens that project horizontally above the windows to help mitigate sun exposure
  • Green roofs that will act as solar shades and prevent the sun’s rays from directly hitting the area below, keeping the glass and surrounding area cooler

The sustainability practices extend beyond just the NGMC Braselton structure and were applied throughout the building process. In fact, out of 210 construction sites completed by Turner Construction this year, NGMC Braselton earned the title of a Turner Green Zone project and under that title, ranked 7th in the country for sustainability. Turner Green Zone projects, like NGMC Braselton, reduce the environmental impact of building operations, minimize operating costs through energy and water efficiency and reduced material consumption, and provide a healthier and more productive workplace environment for Turner staff.