Together We Thrive

We are grateful for all the care and concern we have received from our community over the past 20 plus months. As we recover from fourth peak, our staff is beyond exhausted. The need for support is still important as staff fights fatigue, attempts self-care and begins to have the time to utilize mental health and wellness resources donations to the COVID Relief Fund have made possible.

The COVID Relief Fund continues to provide helpful resources that rejuvenate, nourish and encourage an overworked and tired medical community. The fight continues, still.

Because you care, our team is benefiting from therapeutic music, staff rejuvenation rooms, counseling sessions, meals, snacks, celebrations, challenge coins and more. Your donations make a huge difference in healing.

Together, we can care for those who care for us.

How your donation helps:

Supports our Employees

The COVID Relief Fund allows for flexible support and real-time response to our most stressed employees and physicians. We need this type of assistance to help serve, heal, support and encourage our front line. This is only made possible through your contributions. 

Your donations have provided meals and snacks and created therapeutic programs. Our staff rejuvenation rooms, for example, provide a quiet place for our team members to relax and take a few moments for self-care. Through it all, donors have helped to promote the safety of our community and support our front-line heroes.

Supports our Patients

Community support also provides critical equipment and care items to help our patients, and save more lives. From bedside ultrasound and rehab equipment, to distraction therapies and basic needs that come up with such stringent visitation policies – the COVID Relief Fund helps the frontline team better meet the needs and comfort our patients and their families.

Supports our Telemedicine Program

The expanded NGHS telemedicine program gives treatment to patients without the risk of being exposed or exposing our staff to infectious disease. This allows our attention to be given to those who are critically ill. 

The need for video visits continues to increase and your support helps us continue to deliver and grow this program throughout the region.

Please use this form to support the NGHS COVID Relief Fund.