Care Traffic Control

Patients are experiencing a more streamlined and organized hospital stay as a result of the Care Traffic Control Center at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS). The Care Traffic Control Center ensures that patients steadily progress through the stages of care at all five NGHS hospitals and receive the right care at the right time – and get back home as soon as it’s medically safe.

“Care Traffic Control for NGHS is what air traffic control is for airports,” said Bedri Yusuf, MD, Chief Physician Executive at Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG). “With the growth we’ve seen in recent years, we’re excited to be able to serve more patients well and ensure our teams are coordinated across the entire system, which in turn reduces wait times for patients and improves patient throughput across the health system.”

How Care Traffic Control Works

Bed assignments for all patients are tracked on monitors across the front of the room. The staff hear calls coming in with patients on ambulances or in the air being flown in from surrounding areas. Armed with the right technology, these staff make sure the incoming patients get to the right place when they arrive. Whether that means there’s already an open space they assign to them, or someone else needs to be transferred or moved to another floor to make room – it’s all tracked by our Care Traffic Control experts.

Our Team

Available for patient care needs are clinically prepared and experienced nurses, bed placement specialists, EMS dispatch, case management specialist and throughput supervisors. Additionally there is a physician advisor available for escalations as well as provider to provider consults.

NGHS Care Traffic Control 

“It really does pull together everybody, from physicians, nurses and other members of the care team. With this Care Traffic Control center, we’re able to get everyone involved, with the same goal of improving the health of the community in all we do.”

Krupa Desai, MD | Care Traffic Control Medical Director

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