What is live therapeutic music?

Published: Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Robin Prechter, Certified Music Practitioner

Throughout history, music has been recognized as a potent force in healing and enhancing the human experience. The use of music as therapy dates back to ancient civilizations, where it was used to ease emotional burdens, reduce stress and promote relaxation. In the modern medical landscape, the field of therapeutic music has gained recognition for its numerous benefits in both physical and emotional healing.

The Healing Impact of Live Therapeutic Music

The effects of live therapeutic music on patients have been profound. Studies have shown that therapeutic music can lead to reduced heart rate, improved blood pressure, decreased perception of pain and overall emotional well-being. Patients often report feeling more at ease, uplifted, and connected to a sense of calm during and after a live therapeutic music session.

Live therapeutic music is an art form that involves playing music at the patient’s bedside, taking into account their unique condition, emotions, and environment.

Each session requires no action from the patient. The musician’s role is to guide the patient to a more relaxed state.

A Live Therapeutic Musician’s Story

Music has always been a big part of my family’s life. My father taught us to love and appreciate music through listening or playing classical music on his piano. He had studied to become a classical concert pianist, but he became a surgeon instead. Music and medicine, what a perfect pairing. He later became my first patient. I played piano to help ease my father’s pain and anxiety during his last months of life. My mother, who was my second patient, fell asleep to my playing Chopin on my piano. I then realized there was some magic to music being used therapeutically, having seen it for myself.

I was drawn to studying the harp as an adult while earning my certification to become a Therapeutic Musician. The vibrations from the strings and the tone of the harp give me joy and peace, and my hope is that my patients experience joy or peace as well.

I have been playing therapeutic music for patients at NGMC Gainesville since 2013 and am so proud to have helped make my dream of a Live Therapeutic Music Department at NGHS become a reality.

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While she gives quietly, Robin is a philanthropist who invests in projects and programs at NGHS to improve the lives of patients in the community.

The program is funded mainly by employee donations along with outside donations as well, through the NGHS Foundation, allowing the hiring of certified therapeutic musicians who provide Live Therapeutic Music to patients as part of their care plan.

Learn more about Robin Prechter and the live therapeutic music program at nghs.com/live-therapeutic-music.