“They Became My Family” Rachel’s Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Story

Published: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

It was the end of July 2020 when artist and volleyball player Rachel Gheorghies, 24, realized something was wrong.

“I had massive headaches, double vision, and balance issues,” she said. “Our family is not one to run to the hospital, but my mom knew something was wrong.”

Rachel was soon diagnosed with a brain bleed. After surgery to fix the brain bleed, Rachel was told that she would need inpatient medical rehabilitation immediately.

“When I was admitted to Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation at NGMC, I was unable able to eat and I needed a feeding tube. I also had a loss of vision and wasn’t able to walk or talk or do anything by myself.”

Setting Goals

Inpatient medical rehabilitation refers to physician and therapy services received during a stay in the hospital. All patients must require frequent physician monitoring and nursing intervention.

Rachel was assigned to the “Blue Team”, a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists for 3 hours every day. Upon admission, the team assisted Rachel in setting realistic and attainable goals.

“One of the hardest things I remember them telling me to do was, “You need to give your brain a break’” Rachel said. “I didn’t want to rest. I was so tired of feeling the way I did and wanted to be able to do everything that I used to without being able to work for it. But they were so persistent and patient with me.”

Every morning, her physiatrist and rehabilitation nurse would check on her progress. Rachel was finally discharged from the hospital after a total stay of 4 weeks.

A Miraculous Recovery

“After discharge, I was able to eat, talk and walk again, which is completely amazing because I couldn’t do anything when I started,” said Rachel. “The team at NGMC, especially my speech therapist, were incredible. They literally gave me life and the words to be able to share my experience.”

Since discharge, Rachel still visits her therapists once a week. “They became my family,” she said. “I love that they know me for me and know how to help me. I always look forward to seeing them.”

Plans for the Future

Rachel hopes to be able to play volleyball one day. Currently, Rachel runs her own art business called Careless Threads and works on other art fabric projects in her spare time.

Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation is an elective program housed on the fourth floor of the South Patient Tower at NGMC Gainesville. As a unit within NGMC, we have access to all of the hospital services, including lab, pharmacy, radiology and all physician specialties affiliated with NGMC. These services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and for emergency situations.