CPR Saves Lives

A cardiac arrest happens when a victim’s heart stops beating and they stop breathing.

This happens often in the United States:

  • 370,000 times a year
  • 1,000 times a day
  • 1 time every 2 minutes
  • less than 10% will survive

You can change this and be the hero. If you see an adult or teen who has collapsed, you must ACT Now.

Learn CPR

Learning CPR is not scary and can be done within 5 minutes or less. Without CPR, every 60 seconds that go by after a victim collapses increases the chance of dying by 10%. With professional healthcare providers often 8 to 10 minutes away, the CPR you provide can make the difference if the victim lives or dies. Use the videos below to learn CPR and watch them often to keep this life saving skill fresh in your mind.


CPR & AEDs Save Lives

There are only two things ever proven to increase survival of cardiac arrest: chest compressions and an electrical shock delivered to the heart which must be done within minutes of a cardiac arrest. You can easily perform both life-saving interventions. Watch the videos below to see how bystander CPR and AEDs saved these lives.




Teach Compressions Only CPR

Once you learn compressions only CPR, please teach everyone you know these life-saving skills. Use these resources to organize classes – from a few people to many hundreds or even thousands.

Teaching Resources

Download PDFs:

Download PowerPoint:

Teach CPR and tell us about it. We can help keep track of the work you do.

Tell us about it!

Teach with this video: (English)


Teach with this video: (Spanish)


“Tu puedes ser el Heroe. Enseña a tus amigos y familia a actuar ahora!”

Antonio Rios, MD, FACP, CPE
Chief Physician Executive
Northeast Georgia Physicians Group