Heart-Healthy Fruits & Veggies for Summer Days

Published: Monday, June 6, 2022
Sandra Porter
Health & Wellness Coach for Georgia Heart Institute

Summer is here! While we have hot weather, vacations and cookouts to enjoy, it is also important to remember your heart health and to stay hydrated. There are many fruits and vegetables in season during the summer, which it makes it easier to add these natural sources of fiber to your nutrition plan and they can keep you hydrated at the same time.

Try these refreshing ways to add fruits and veggies into your healthy summer:

  1. Make fruit or veggie ice cube trays.
    Put fresh berries or slices of lemon, lime or cucumbers in an ice cube tray and cover with water. For extra flavor, add fresh mint. Freeze for one hour or more. Frozen cubes can be stored in freezer bags and saved up to 6 months. Put cubes in water bottles or glasses to add flavor and fiber.
  2. Blend watermelon into a slushie.
    A delicious way to eat watermelon – cut up watermelon and add to blender with ice cubes. Blend until smooth and pour into glasses and drink with a straw.
  3. Try summer veggies.
    Corn on the cob and tomatoes are fresh and tasty in the summer. Enjoy them with fresh spices. Sprinkle corn with cilantro or sea salt. Slice tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil and add sea salt and pepper. Corn and tomatoes are also a healthy addition to any summer salad!
  4. Vegetables fresh from the garden.
    Radishes, cucumbers, beets, and bell peppers are all great to eat alone, with salads, or as garnishes for side dishes.

The Importance of Wellness

It’s essential that patients feel empowered and motivated to maintain healthy behaviors and protect their heart health. Connect with our care team at the Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids at Georgia Heart Institute at 770-219-0960 to learn more about keeping your heart healthy and preventing heart disease.