Frequently Asked Questions

When will the transition process begin?

The transition process officially began on January 11, 2023. Representatives from NGHS will be on campus visiting departments throughout the weeks and months going forward, working with HMC staff and leadership to ensure a smooth transition on July 1.

Will the hospital name change? If so, when?

Yes. Following naming standards across NGHS facilities, we anticipate HMC will officially become Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Habersham on July 1.

What is the difference between NGHS and NGMC?

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) is a not-for-profit community health system dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of the people of Northeast Georgia.

NGHS is anchored by Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s (NGMC) four hospital campuses – NGMC Gainesville, NGMC Braselton, NGMC Barrow and NGMC Lumpkin – and is also home to Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG), Georgia Heart Institute, and dozens of other healthcare service locations across the region.

On July 1, NGMC Habersham will become the fifth hospital campus under NGHS.

I’ve submitted my information to NGHS, but I haven’t received any benefits information. What should I do?

NGHS’s Talent Acquisition team sent an email with benefits information to all HMC employees who applied by the March 15 deadline. Please check the spam filter of the email account you used to apply, and if you still don’t see the benefits email, please email or .

If I’ve applied with NGHS, when will I learn more?

NGHS is working to set up ‘meet and greet’ meetings with each HMC applicant by April 15.  The goal is to have offers out during the week of April 24.

If I’m a former NGHS employees who is currently an HMC employee, how do I know if I’m eligible for rehire with NGHS?

Generally, if an employee was involuntarily terminated with NGHS or voluntarily left while on a final written warning, they would be considered ineligible for rehire. 

NGHS has a process in which applicants who have been coded as ineligible for rehire can have their file reviewed by an HR Business Partner. 

NGHS’ Human Resources team will be proactively reviewing all HMC applications.

If I’m interested in a specific position at NGHS, do I need to wait until July 1 to apply?

We are currently in the process of connecting applicants to positions.  If you are interested in an NGHS position, please contact Kelly Segers, and she will bring your request forward to the Habersham Transition Team.  This team is meeting weekly to discuss employee transition concerns.

If I’m employed with NGHS on July 1, how will my PTO accumulation rate be calculated?

Employees who transition from HMC to NGHS on July 1will have their most recent hire date with HMC honored for PTO accrual.

If I have a PTO balance as of June 30, what will the PTO payout be?

Our goal is to pay out 100% of accrued PTO hours.

If I have approved PTO after July 1, 2023, but I don’t have the necessary PTO accumulated, will I be able to take time off? 

If employees have approved PTO for after July 1, NGHS will do our best to honor that PTO.  At this time, we have asked leaders to forgo approving PTO for after July 1, unless for a special occasion, etc. 

Our goal is to have offers out to employees during the week of April 24.  At that time, employees may request PTO of their new leaders.  Leaders may approve time off for employees who do not have PTO accrued, subject to the needs of the unit.

What is the timing for NGHS employee benefits?

NGHS’ annual Open Enrollment takes place during October/November each year.  Any changes an employee makes during Open Enrollment go into effect in January, and the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums run on the calendar year.

In NGHS’ benefits package, there is information regarding tobacco use. How do I get certified as tobacco-free?

Employees who transition from HMC to NGHS on July 1 will learn more about that process when they enroll in benefits.

Will I be able to transfer the funds in my 403(b) account to NGHS’ retirement account?

Once an account is established through Ascensus, NGHS’ retirement account recordkeeper, you can contact Ascensus for instructions on rolling your 403(b) funds into an NGHS retirement account.

Alternatively, you can transfer your 403(b) funds to an IRA, which you would set up with your personal financial advisor.

How will HMC employees receive NGHS job offers?

Due to the volume of offers, our intent is to email offers to HMC employees.  We will notify HMC’s HR team as we make offers to different departments. When you receive the offer, you can accept it by following the directions on the offer letter.

After July 1, how long does an employee have to stay in their current role before transferring into a new position of interest?

While NGHS’ transfer policy states that an employee must be in their position for one year prior to transferring to another position. we will look at individual situations if a former HMC employee would like to transfer before the one-year mark.

What system does NGHS use for required online training?

NGHS uses Workday for online training. After an offer is made, you will receive information about required training, which is determined by role.

How do NGHS employees accrue PTO?

All HMC employees who submitted an application received a benefits package that includes information on NGHS’ PTO accrual practice.

Will HMC employees who accept an NGHS offer have insurance on July 1?

When employees qualify (i.e., accept full-time or part-time position with NGHS to begin on July 1), they will be eligible for benefits on July 1. We are planning on opening the benefits portal about a week prior to July 1. Employees will have until July 31 to make benefit selections, and benefit coverage will retroactively cover back to July 1.

What training is required before July 1?

NGHS offers role-based training.