Our Journey Started at NGMC

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We are family

Family. If you or a loved one were born at Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC), we consider you part of our family – and we want to share in some of your most special memories. Whether it’s your child’s first step, the day they (or you!) graduated high school or college, or a great grandmother’s 100th birthday, we want to celebrate with you.

Help us celebrate

We invite you to share video clips you have of these special moments. We’ll pick a select few to include in our upcoming TV commercial.

  1. Find or capture some video footage or photographs of your “Our Journey…” moment at NGMC
  2. Upload your files through the submission form provided on this page.

Deadline for submissions:

December 23, 2020

While our journey through life may take us to different places, we all have one thing in common: our journey started together at NGMC.