Clinical Performance - Heart Failure

Clinical Performance - Heart Failure

Heart failure is a weakening of the heart's pumping power.  With heart failure, your body doesn't get enough oxygen and nutrients to meet its needs.
Indicators of care suggested for heart failure as a core measure are listed below.  Click each indicator to learn why it’s important and how Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) compares nationally for that indicator. The statistics below were compiled by Fourth Quarter 2012 through Third Quarter 2013 discharges, as reported to the Hospital Quality Alliance.

Why is this indicator important?
This chart shows the percentage of heart failure patients who received information to help them manage the symptoms after they get home.  The information should include:
  • activity level
  • diet
  • medications
  • follow-up appointment
  • watching your daily weight
  • what to do if your symptoms get worse
Why is this indicator important?
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