Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a cardiologist. How does the Heart Failure Treatment & Recovery Center differ?

While general cardiologists are trained to care for the heart, the doctors in our Heart Failure Treatment & Recovery Center carry an additional board certification in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology. In fact, our program includes doctors, advanced practitioners, pharmacists, nurses and navigators, all of whom are specially trained in treating heart failure and offering the latest care options to improve your quality of life.

This team also participates in the latest studies and research, sometimes piloting that research in the state of Georgia, to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of new medical technology to treat heart failure patients, helping us improve your quality of life and maintain your heart health well into the future.

If I have heart failure, should I see a specialized heart failure doctor?

Yes, even if your heart condition is stable and you are not experiencing negative side effects, like swelling or fatigue, heart failure is a serious condition that may be progressing and worsening, even if your regular checkups with a primary care physician or general cardiologist are going well.

Our experienced team of board-certified Advanced Heart Failure and Heart Transplant doctors will give you access to the most advanced monitoring technologies. They are specially trained to understand the progression of heart failure and help extend the lifetime of heart failure patients.

The main message we have for heart failure patients is to not wait to establish care with a heart failure specialist until you are experiencing worsening signs of heart failure, but to be proactive to maintain your good health now.