As a part of our Heart Failure Center, our Cardiac Amyloidosis Clinic is one of the only programs in Georgia specialized in diagnosing and treating cardiac amyloidosis. Cardiac amyloidosis is a disease where proteins misfold, then build up in the heart and cause the walls of the heart to become stiff, thickened and inflexible.

This condition is debilitating and life-threatening, but with early diagnosis and treatment, patients can live longer with better quality of life.

Symptoms of Cardiac Amyloidosis
  • Restrictive cardiomyopathy – the thickening of the heart muscle making it harder for your heart to pump blood to your body
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Edema – swelling of hands, legs, feet
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
Diagnosing Amyloidosis

Early detection of amyloidosis can save lives, which is why it is critical for patients with cardiomyopathy or advanced heart failure to see a specialist that has experience with this condition. Our team can diagnose this condition through two procedures:

  • Standard cardiology tests may be utilized first, such as echocardiogram or an ECG, but you may need other exams to confirm the diagnosis.
  • A heart biopsy maybe needed to confirm amyloidosis.
  • Technetium pyrophosphate scan – This noninvasive diagnostic procedure allows to examine your heart and see if there is amyloid present.
  • Genetic testing is performed to determine if the amyloidosis may run in your family.

Amyloidosis Treatment

There is no cure for amyloidosis, but treatment can be prescribed to manage symptoms and delay the buildup of new protein in the cardiac tissue.


Medication is often used to treat the symptoms and prevent negative health outcomes due to amyloidosis. Depending on the outcomes of your diagnostics, our advanced heart failure specialists will develop a custom treatment plan. This may involve:

  • Medication to manage swelling
  • Medication to manage heart rhythm issues and reduce the risk of blood clots or stroke
  • Medication to treat the amyloidosis and prevent/slow down further amyloid build up

Research-informed Treatment

Our physicians participate in cutting-edge research allowing our patients early access to the latest treatments, serve on national committees working to improve amyloidosis awareness and care, actively collaborate with other centers nationwide. Our approach ensures that you have access to leading expertise, right here close to home.

Ongoing Monitoring

With this condition, regular monitoring of symptoms and progress and continual adaption of your treatment plan is essential. As one of the only amyloidosis programs in the state, Georgia Heart Institute can provide the highest quality care for this condition and connect you with the latest treatments and research for the disease.

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