Urological Robotic Surgery

Although the da Vinci was originally developed for cardiac surgeries, applications for urologic surgical cases were quickly identified. Northeast Georgia Medical Center offers robotic surgeries for the following urologic procedures:

Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Urological Procedures

The use of the robotic system for urological procedures rather than an open incision procedure can mean a shorter length of stay for the patient, a quicker return to normal activities, significantly less pain, less complications, less blood loss and less scarring.

Learn more about surgeons who perform urological robotic surgeries at Northeast Georgia Medical Center and watch their videos:

Raj Ayyathurai, MD
Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Urology

Thomas Fassuliotis, MD
Gainesville Urology

Ryan Fogg, MD
Gainesville Urology

Kapil Pareek, MD
Northeast Georgia Physician Group Urology

Brent Sharpe, MD
Northeast Georgia Urological Associates

David Woo, MD
Gainesville Urology


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