Thirty-eight percent of Americans have high cholesterol, which is a major risk factor for both heart disease and stroke. One of the most utilized therapies for high cholesterol is a drug called a statin. Unfortunately, statins can have negative and unpleasant side effects for some people. For others, statins simply may not do enough to help them reach a healthy level with their cholesterol if they need a significant reduction.

The Lipid Clinic at Georgia Heart Institute

Georgia Heart Institute offers specialized lipid therapy through our Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids. Our well-established lipid clinic offers a wrap-around approach to help patients lower their cholesterol, paired with cutting-edge therapies for patients who simply cannot lower their cholesterol through the standard options: statins and lifestyle changes.

Specialized treatment for high cholesterol

Our program goes several steps beyond traditional approaches to make a more significant difference for patients with uncontrolled high cholesterol. Our treatments are administered by a highly trained lipid specialist.

We offer:

  • Coaching: We offer wellness, exercise and diet coaching from a specialized cardiology team to make statin therapy more effective.
  • Injection or IV-based statin alternatives: For patients who have not reached target levels through statins and lifestyle changes, we offer proven treatment via injection or IV infusion to lower cholesterol.
  • Bempedoic acid: An FDA-approved alternative to statins taken through a pill, bempedoic acid lowers cholesterol while providing options for patients who have adverse side effects with statins.

Who is the lipid therapy program for?

This program is designed for patients with high LDL cholesterol or low HDL cholesterol who have not been able to reach their target range through statins or lifestyle changes. It can also benefit patients who have negative side effects to statins.

For patients who have had a cardiac event, like a heart attack or stroke, who need a significant reduction in cholesterol to avoid further events, our treatment options help reduce hospitalizations and extend lives. Our therapies have shown significant results for patients who simply cannot bring their cholesterol below 70.

How do I get started?

Patients must meet certain insurance criteria to be a part of the program. This may require certain screenings and prior authorization from their primary care doctor or cardiologist. The Center for Cardiovascular Prevention, Metabolism and Lipids will help walk patients through this process so they can meet the criteria. Contact us today at 770-219-0960 to learn more about the process.